What type of job are you planning?

As we complete many installations, Techno Metal Post Alaska will post photos and descriptions of each job.  They will be categorized by the type of job.

Some examples of foundations we can install are as follows:

* Deck jobs

* Carports / Entryways

* Additions

* Cabins / Houses

* Yurts

* Remote access

* Docks / Elevated Walkways

* Signs and other Freestanding Structures

* Underpinning

If you have a job that is not represented in the above examples, please do call us and see if we can provide the right foundation for your project.

16 Responses to What type of job are you planning?

  1. Steve Eayrs says:

    Looks like a great product and should be a good asset to what you guys are doing…..And I’m very interested. Badly needing to put up a shed roof below the shop, for a decent storage area, and would take the place of a temporary damaged storage tent in front of the shop, (lakeside of shop).
    Even thought for now the plan is for just a shed roof, I may want to look at size bigger pilings, because I could end up (a few years from now), I might remove the roof and add more floor space to the shop.
    Soil is poor, and very wet since its down at the lake level.. Existing shop is built on 12″ steel pipings, driven down as far as 15′, where it hit a very solid rock shelf, The shop is solid and not moved, except where too much soil was backfilled around the skirting and had some frost heave. Anyway would be curious how your pilings would work at my place. Also…..not opposed to bartering a little either….I know we need to get back up to your place soon…..If it would work I would want to get pilings in before frost of course. If installed on about 8′ centers, possibly 6 or so pilings needed.
    Give me a call 299-2100 or write, etc… lets talk…
    Steve Eayrs

    • Vincent LeMieux says:

      I am planning to install a 12X 20′ cabin in cooper landing and would like to order 6 P2 posts for installation in early August. What do you need from me to get this done?

      • Hi Vincent – thanks for contacting us. Give us a call and we can get these on the schedule as we have plenty of availability in August. I will email you our pricing and installation agreement that explains the process. Is this a Sterling Supply cabin?

        THX and talk to you soon.

  2. Great Steve – now you know why our house addition has taken a back seat this summer and we have not had you back up in awhile!!! I do think we can help you out. I’ll call you in the AM.

    Hope all is well…


  3. Renee Henderson - Kenai says:

    Dave – phone tag – need 4 posts “planted” by mid-June if possible – Marlin can tell you closer to the exact date. Thank you,

  4. Todd Syverson says:

    Going to build a small cabin up in the Caribou Hills – 1.4 miles from Gravel Pit Parking Lot off Gravel Pit trail. Need to know the cost on a 12 by 32 ft barn shape cabin.

  5. Theo Laufenberg says:

    Looking to elevate a concrete stemwall on footing foundation that has moved 11″. Are you able to “lift” a 800#/ft x 30 ft wall with the P3? Can you lift it that much? I’m looking at raising one entire side of the home by about 11 inches. The structure load is 1200#/ft of the home’s 30′ long wall.
    The home was built over an unstabilized fill on one side and on bedrock on the other.

  6. Ray Meckstroth says:

    Hi, We are planning a 16X32 cabin in Poachers Cove subdivision. and was wondering about the cost would be using your system for the foundation. We are doing the permit paperwork now so we’re trying to get a head start with planning. I have looked at your job examples on the site and it seems like the perfect system for our project.

  7. Glen says:

    Will metal posts work to help stabilize or repair a concrete-block retaining wall that is leaning to one side? I have seen some repair methods that use earth anchors or helical tiebacks to correct for buckling walls and would love to hear your opinion about this.

    • Hi there and thanks for contacting us. Helical piers certainly can be used as tension / tie back anchors. We would need some more specific details about the project to determine how best to stabilize the wall with our piers. If you could email a few photos of the existing conditions with basic dimensions and site address we can makes some recommendations. THX!!!!

  8. Sherry Wilken (and Wayne) says:

    Have a wood frame cabin on Kenai River that needs to be leveled and footings installed. cabin is 16×24 with a large deck. Received your information from Neal Marlow, his parents have their place on lot just upriver from ours on Sterling side of River. cell: 907-360-9470 (Wayne 907-360-5484.

    • THX for contacting us. The next step is exactly what you are doing, send some photos and dimensions of the structure. The photos should show the entire side of the house X 4.

      THX much and I’ll look for your email!!!!

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