Earthquake Damage?

    Photo Credit: Anchorage Daily News

Estimated Foundation Repair Costs

Sadly, many of us in Southcentral Alaska have homes that sustained foundation damage in the recent 7.0 earthquake. We’ve been receiving a big influx of calls about this and want to help you determine if Techno Metal Post Alaska can help you with the repairs.

We have a process to help us determine if we are the appropriate contractor for the job and you can help expedite that process. But first, make sure your house is safe. With foundations settling the main issue could be your utility connections. Make sure your gas, water, sewer and electric connections are secure. Your local utility company can assist you in this if needed. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to contact your home insurance company. They may have certain protocols and processes that you may need to follow which are important to be aware of before any repairs begin. As Federal and State Disaster funds become available, you will want check in on what assistance may be available.

Similar to the process we use to evaluate any foundation repair, we ask you to EMAIL us the following:

  1. A written description of the damage with as much detail as possible.
  2. A rough drawing of the house including dimensions of entire house and highlighting where the damage has occurred
  3. Photos of each side of your house – damaged and undamaged
  4. Close-up photos of the problem areas
  5. Any other relevant photos to help us assess the damage
  6. Your complete contact information (physical address, email and phone)
  7. Any engineering assessment or design can substitute for the above.

A recent foundation repair near Minnesota Drive and International Airport Road in Anchorage. This job remained stable during the earthquake.

Once we have this information, TMP AK will then do the following if you do not have an engineer already working on your solution:

  1. Review the failure and see if we are a candidate to make the appropriate repairs.
  2. Forward the information to our engineer (if needed) for a quick no cost analysis for repair.
  3. The engineer will determine the type of repair needed and provide us a budget for his design costs for engineering of the project.
  4. The engineer will provide TMP AK enough information for us to provide a budget cost for the actual repairs to you.
  5. The above items are done at no cost to you.
  6. If you are working with your own engineer, they will do the above and provide us with plans from which we can provide an estimate.

We have worked with Anchorage contractor Arctic Terra to provide the following Estimated Costs for Foundation Repairs document to help you get an idea of the budget and scope of repairing your home.

If the foundation failure is one that can be resolved by Techno Metal Post Alaska, the next steps would be…

  1. TMP AK will explain the repair process – here is a step-by-step detail of the repair process.
  2. TMP AK will have our preferred General Contractor/Excavator review the potential repair and provide a cost for their portion of the work.
  3. TMP AK will set up an engineering contract through our engineer to get the design process started. We can work with any structural engineer as desired or work through our preferred engineer. **We will NOT complete any foundation repair work that is not designed by a Structural Engineer**
  4. The engineer’s team will make a site visit to measure and inspect the failure.
  5. Engineer will complete the design and Municipal permitting submittals (if required).
  6. A General Contractor/Excavator will prepare the work for our repair.
  7. TMP AK performs the foundation repair.
  8. Engineer approves the work.
  9. General Contractor/Excavator completes their portion of the work.
  10. Municipal inspections occur, as required.
  11. TMP AK provides a record of the work and approvals from the engineer.

We hope this provides you with a clear description of the process and what we need to get started. As you imagine, we are receiving quite a few calls to look at similar type of work and you providing the above requested information is the quickest way to get the repair process underway.


The repaired foundation. This house was leveled and lifted about 6″ – notice the gap between the soils and the ground.

Techno Metal Post Alaska is based in Anchorage and Homer Alaska and specializes in helical pier installation. We have over 16,000 helical piers installed through out the state and have repair dozens of foundations. We have the ability to work on up to 3 repair jobs simultaneously and can bring up more of our certified installers from our dealers in the Lower 48 as needed to complete these repairs.


Some more repair photos:



When needed we can also work inside the house to repair interior portions of the foundation.
Reaching inside the house to access the footer for a repair to the corner of this houses foundation.
West Anchorage repair with our specialized equipment. 

Repair of Raspberry Rd in Anchorage.
A close up of a lifted foundation.

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