Summer 2016

With the summer season slowly coming to a close TMP AK has continued to grow to meet the needs of our customers.

2016 has brought a few exciting changes for TMP AK.  In March we moved into our Anchorage shop and materials storage facility.  This new space gives us a permanent much needed shop space for our Anchorage based installers to work out of.



Our new Anchorage location

This summer we acquired our 4th R2D Installation machine to serve our customers with, in addition to our larger EM1 machine.


P5 installation off bridge

Our New R2D installing some P5 helical piers off a pedestrian walkway in Anchorage , Alaska

With the acquisition of the new machine we have moved one of our R2D machines to be based in Sitka, to better serve our customers in South East Alaska.  This will greatly reduce the costs for our clients as we will no longer require a 1600 round trip drive to Haines for each job.  We will now ship materials directly to the jobsite and utilize the Sitka based machine for all our work in South East Alaska.


Clyde underpinning

Repairing a failed house foundation in Sitka, Alaska

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