What we were up to last week…

Our helical pier can be used to support just about any type of structure in just about any location.  Last week was a perfect example of what we can do….

Monday – Aside from our regular deck jobs we started a repair job that required 3 P3 piers installed to lift the corner of a failing foundation.  Because of a nearby sewer line we could not excavate from the out side as we might normally do.  The nature of the house made it impossible to work from the interior as we have in the past so the only option left was to open the window.


Our Em1 installing helical piers through the window to save this failing foundation.

Tuesday – By the end of the day Tuesday we had the house stabilized and the work was signed off by the engineer.  Meanwhile Jeff and Justin were off on their own adventure on the south side of Skilak Lake putting in piers for a new cabin in very rocky soils.


Barge capacity 3000#?  No problem for the light but powerful R2D.


As Jeff said,’one of the most beautiful places in Alaska’.  And one of the toughest jobs that had them working until 8 PM…

A long day but they got the 15 piers in with oversized brackets welded on for the new building.

Wednesday – With an old cabin sitting 6′ in the air awaiting it’s new foundation, we sent all hands up to the shores of Nancy Lake to start putting the over 50 piers in for a new foundation.  The two R2D’s made pretty quick work in the confined spaces and the building was ready for new beams and new foundation by the end of the day Friday thanks to Jason’s leadership and everyone’s hard work.


2 R2D machines made quick work of the 50+ piers needed to support this cabin.

Thursday – While the guys were hard at work in Nancy Lake we made a quick reconnaissance trip out to Judd Lake Alaska where we will be starting a remote 200 pier job in July.  No plane can go out to the bush empty so a few piers were loaded up with some insulation and off we went.  Much of the materials have already been flown in by plane or helicopter and we hope to fly in the Em1 for this job by helicopter as well.


Stay tuned for more on this job as we get started in the next few weeks.

Friday – Back in town and wrapping up the Nancy Lake job, Jeff headed to Soldotna to start some cabin foundations while we caught up on deck pier installations around Anchorage.


The Techno Metal Post R2D machines can put a helical pier just about anywhere.

It seems fitting that summer solstice fell during our busiest week of the year and that extra day light helped us get in the over 100 piers across the state.  I am convinced we have some of the best and hardest working installers and welders in the Techno Metal Post network…

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  1. Dean Zimmerman says:

    I would like you guys to put in about 12 ️️posts for me in Wasilla for a deck in early spring
    Let’s chat!!!

  2. Dean Zimmerman says:

    Please contact me I’m in Wasilla and will need about 14 post set early this spring
    Thank You

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