Repairing failed deck foundations

A high percentage of our work is repairing old deck foundations that have failed. Most deck foundations fail due to frost heaving issues, rotting wood posts or settling of the soils. Techno Metal Post’s helical piers are the perfect solution for any of those problems and our piers are guaranteed against settling and frost heaving.

Our small R2D installation machine is able to install new foundations with minimal disruption to the existing deck. Whether we are working on top of the existing deck or under it, there is usually a way to get the new helical piers installed.

TMP's R2D working on and under an existing deck

Recently we were called to replace two failed Diamond Piers in Homer. Apparently they had heaved up causing the owner to have to cut out a section of the wood post to alleviate heaving pressures on the deck above.

Failed Diamond piers

Failed Diamond pier close up

In just about an hour we were able to install the new helical piers in the same locations of the failed diamond piers and set new brackets for the deck supports. Since the base or helices are well below the seasonal frost layer, the piers are guaranteed to stay put in despite the seasonal heaving of the soils.

Piers installed where Diamond piers were.

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