The Techno Metal Post Difference

When installing helical piers, often they need to be installed deeper than the lead section is long. This allows the piers to be installed into deeper better bearing soils to support your structures properly.

There are two ways to add on extensions to the helical piers: weld them together or bolt them together. The quickest way is to bolt them together like many of our competitors do. At Techno Metal Post we prefer a welded connection because it is stronger and will never loosen.

Last fall we were asked to replace some helical piers that were installed by another company just a few years earlier. We were shocked to see how much movement existed in the joint between the lead section and extension. We shot this quick video after removing the pier for our client and we did not do anything to the pier except remove it from the ground.  This is what we found:

We would have little confidence in a pier that moves this much and this is why we feel welded extensions is a much better method for helical piers.  Would you want your structure susceptible to this type of movement in a wind storm or earthquake?




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