TMP Alaska working in rural Alaska – Kipnuk, AK

TMP Alaska services the entire state of Alaska.  If you can get us there we will go!!!!

One of our furthest places we have gone thus far is the village of Kipnuk, Alaska, which is only accessible by air or sea.  We were asked to install piers for a new community hardware store.  The design included almost 50 multiple helix piers that would be installed to a depth of 30′,  Below we have some photos that highlight our trip to the Bering Sea.

Unloading EM1 from Ryan Air 'Casa'

Everything needed for this job was flown in.  The materials flew by jet service from Anchorage to Bethel and then transferred over to the good folks at Ryan Air to be transferred to Kipnuk.  The Ryan Air “Casa” has a maximum capacity of 5000# and the EM1 comes in just shy of that weight.


Unloading extensions for the helical pier extensions

Ryan Air made 6 separate trips to Kipnuk hauling the helical piers and equipment out over the course of a few days.



Material drop airport with Ryan Air planeA photo of various materials and the Ryan Air plane at the airport in Kipnuk, Alaska.  From the airport we moved materials to the building site with a locally rented 4 wheeler.


Helical piers on site for Kipnuk Alaska

A muddy job site.  We use the plywood seen in the background to drive the EM1 through the mud.  The site is surveyed and ready for installation.


EM1 at work installing a line of helical piers

After the extensions are welded on, we continue the installation.


View West - deck in foreground

The piers are installed, the brackets are welded and the engineered specified bracing is installed.



PIles complete - school in background

A final view of the foundation.

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4 Responses to TMP Alaska working in rural Alaska – Kipnuk, AK

  1. Very interesting job Dave. Looks like TMP was a good business decision.

  2. robert bond says:

    Are you using galvanized posts on this job and if so why?

    • Thanks for the question Robert – Yes these posts are hot dipped galvanized. We use galvanized often for several reasons. Specifically on this project the owner’s engineer specified the products that we installed.

      The galvanization does provide a degree of protection against rust and corrosion. In some soils it may double the life of the steel as the weaker galvanization coating degrades first. For further cathodic protection Techno Metal Post offers differing levels of cathodic protection – from sacrificial anodes to an active protection system that preserves the steel indefinitely provided the system is maintained. You can read more about that here –


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