Techno Metal Post Alaska serves ALL of Alaska


Setting a helical pier foundation for a duplex in Sitka, Alaska.

We get calls from all over the state asking if we will install our helical piers in remote or distant locations.

The short answer is yes!!!  Techno Metal Post Alaska is dedicated to working anywhere in the state of Alaska.  While we are based in Homer / Anchorage; we are always willing to travel anywhere in Alaska.



About a mile down a walking path sits this great cabin site near Chickaloon, Alaska.

Here is how we do it.  TMP AK’s pricing is like a menu – each helical pier installation is a set price.  The price varies by size of pier and how deep the final installation is.  We base those prices on a set 35 mile distance from Homer, Soldotna or Anchorage, Alaska. 

Have a project in Sitka, Fairbanks, Valdez or Chignik?  Just call us and we will determine the cost and logistics getting us to your location.  If you are beyond that 35 mile distance, we will add a “trip fee” to get to your location – no matter where you are. 

We do our absolute best to keep that charge as low as possible; but as we all know travel in Alaska can get quite expensive.  The best way for us to minimize those “trip fees” is to sell more work in your area and distribute the fees over a few jobs.  All of the sudden the price becomes very manageable for your job.

So if you are contemplating helical piers; but are afraid the costs are too high; give us a ring.  We will put you on our list for you area and when enough people are on it, we will make the trip – saving everyone money.  Who knows, we may already have a few of your neighbors on that list.  We have even had many clients even do a little marketing for us by letting their neighbors know about us!!!!


We had 3 engineers review and approve this 2 level home supported 100% by Techno Metal Post’s near Willow, Alaska.

Finally; do not forget that our small R2D (capable of installing posts for a 2 level house) weighs about 1500# and can fly just about anywhere!!!!


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