Installing a post under an existing house

A few weeks ago we were called to install some posts for an addition off Kachemak Drive in Homer. We installed 5 P2’s for the approximate 10 x 10 addition in just a few hours. The General Contractor was going to extend the beam for the addition under the existing house to compensate for a 3′ unsupported cantilever of the building. Not a problem and after a few hours installing the posts we left him able to frame his project!!!

Fast forward a few days and we received another call. The homeowner was so impressed with our posts that he wanted us to add another post on the other side of the building so they could extend the beam across the entire building supporting the cantilever. The General Contractor asked us to just leave the post as close as possible to the side of the building and he would detail some flashing around it to protect it from the elements.

When we arrived; I quickly realized that we would be able to install the post under the structure alleviating the need for the post and beam to extend out past the building’s footprint. We just had the General Contractor remove some of the siding and skirting and we had plenty of space to install our post. We installed the post to the desired height as close as possible to the house, next we used the winch on the installation machine to pull the post under the building from the opposite side. Not only did this put the post under the building; but it pulled the post almost plumb. In most cases we need about 2′ of space between the ground and building to get our posts under the building.

We know of no other foundation repair that can be done in under an hour with similar results!!!!! This single P2 post cost the homeowner $400 installed; which included us moving the post under the building.

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