Using Techno Metal Post Alaska to save a failing cabin foundation

We have had a great start to the summer season thus far. Along with our normal jobs for new decks and small additions; we have been getting quite a few calls from clients where their existing foundation is failing.

Techno Metal Post Alaska has been able to provide a low cost ‘rescue’ for several structures on the Kenai Peninsula and we will highlight a few of those jobs in the next few entries to this blog describing some of our capabilities.

This cabin in Anchor Point was literally on the verge of collapse. The photo below shows the extent of how bad the existing foundation was.

As you can see the existing wood posts were pitched quite a bit and something had to be done. We were called in to install our helical piers around the perimeter of the building and the old foundation was to be abandoned. Below is a close up of how bad the original posts were.

People ask us all the time if we can install posts under a building and in many cases we can. This particular cabin was about 2 feet above the ground and we were able to install all of the posts under the existing framing. To do this we must first start the installation as close to the building as possible and maintain a very close distance throughout the installation.

And a close up of how close we can actually work next to a building.

Once our hydraulic motor clears the bottom of the building, we are able to start pushing the post back under the building.

The building’s height above the ground determines how well we are able to place the posts under the structure. This structure was about 2 feet above the ground and we were able to get all the posts under it, allowing the contractor to frame up to the building with new wood posts, brace everything and skirt the cabin hiding all of our work.

If we are unable to install our posts under an existing building there are two additional options:

1) Temporarily raise the building up using jacks and we install our posts under it as shown above.
2) Install the posts next to the building and add an new beam around the perimeter of the structure. This new beam will tie the old structure into the new foundation. That detail is found in the link below – shared to us by Andrew Reed of Wing Nut Design INC located in Homer.

TechnoPostDetail 5.22.12

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  1. Patty says:

    We have a cabin that the foundation is in similar shape. We have to boat to our cabin in the Nancy Lake area. Can this equipment be loaded on a boat? How much $ was this job, just to get an idea if we could even afford this option.

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