Winter installations with TMP Alaska

We all know Alaska has some long winters and construction season usually slows to a crawl; especially when you need to do anything that involves digging in the frozen ground.

Here at Techno Metal Post Alaska we can install our posts in frozen ground allowing for year round installations. Today we did our first work in winter with great success. Here is how it works:

First we need to drill a small hole in the frozen ground to provide access to our heater. A quality bit and hammer drill made quick work of the ground and we found that the ice depth to be just over 12″ currently. You will also see to the right of me our “test auger” and extensions used for these test holes.

Once our hole is readied, we place our 1 1/4″ Thermarod in the hole to melt the surrounding ice around so we can install posts. The Thermarod is a 3000W heater that we run off our on board generator and can reach temperatures of 900F. In true Techno Metal Post style our impact to the surrounding areas is minimal when thawing the ground.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to melt out a wide enough perimeter to install our posts. Once the surrounding frozen ground is thawed, we can begin installing the posts at the desired locations. On this job in Ninilchik we did not install posts; but we were doing test holes to determine the soil conditions present at this specific job site. Here we drilled 3 test holes in the ground in just a few hours. Through the results of our test holes, we have determined soil conditions and the length of the posts needed for this job. We also now can provide an almost exact cost of the job which we hope to do in the future…

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