Homer City Hall and the inevitable – rocks…

What about rocks?

That is a question that we get all the time. Rocks are a trick for any foundation and we learned first hand on this local Homer job that rocks can in fact be worked around with Techno Metal Post Alaska.

Steiner’s North Star Construction of Homer, Alaska was looking for a solution to some tough deck support issues they were having with their current remodel of City Hall. The work site had a steep incline that ended at a set of lower level windows. The traditional sono tube method would have been difficult to use in this scenario because of the slope and the windows. Impact piles would have likely disrupted the offices with noise for the better part of a day or two. So they went looking for a solution and found us.

The area around the offices had once been excavated and filled so we had a lot of gravel in the first few feet. The gravel was what we call pit run gravel, meaning there were 8″-10″ rocks interspersed with the smaller materials. This proved tough for our installation; but we were able to use a variety of techniques during installation to work through this rock layer and leave our posts in the proper locations. When we hit a rock it would often move our post several inches off our mark; but by angling the post back and some crafty maneuvering we were able to ‘sneak’ through and around the rocks and get our posts set.

In the photo below we have just removed our extension that allows us to install posts on a steep down hill. Notice the tight working area we had to work with in the difficult terrain. An example of one of the rocks is directly in front of the front tire.

After a long day installing the 8 posts we were happy to provide a good installation for our clients. The rocks kept us from hitting a “bullseye” on every post, we were able to overcome the rocks and get our posts in the right locations for the deck.

In the final picture, you will see the deck framing taking shape above our posts. In the upper right corner you will see the aluminum stairs that are set over a few of our posts as well.

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3 Responses to Homer City Hall and the inevitable – rocks…

  1. Aunt Mona says:

    Great work, Dave.

  2. Thats awesome, I am in the process of buying into Techno Metal Post in Erie Pa and can’t wait to be able to offer this product in my region. I’m glad to see that you can mauever the poles around the rocks.

    • Hi there Scott – Congrats and good luck. When I was in the process other dealer were quite willing to open up to me and share their experience and answer my many questions. Feel free to call anytime if there is something I can assist you with. Take care.

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