A foundation for a remote small cabin

This job done late last week was the toughest job thrown our way to date. The work was done over 300 miles from our “headquarters” in Homer, the job site access was challenging (to say the least) and the area was new to us; meaning we had no idea what we would find under the top soil as we installed our posts. We hoped that we brought the right mix of materials and it turned out that we did.

After two days we completed the installation without a hitch. 🙂

First the terrain – the access to the jobsite was down a rough and hilly trail. We had some tense moments as we learned the tipping point of our installation machine. Notice the outriggers are out “just in case” when driving down the trail.

Another shot of us negotiating the trail to the job site.

Here is an overview of the jobsite. There were several instances where we had to remove roots and other obstacles as we moved around the site installing our posts. The site had about a 15 degree incline and was often tough leveling our machine so we could install the posts.

Some of the specific installation challenges were because of the steep inclines – but we got it done!!!

Finally, a great shot showing how close we can install our posts to potential obstructions. This tree stump will be removed later by the homeowners but we were able to set a post just inches from the stump with no problems…

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  1. Marge says:

    I’m impressed!

  2. 12littlefeet says:

    I’m also very impressed! And thank you to Krista for taking and sharing such good shots!

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