Another installation for an enlarged deck

We have had a busy week at Techno Metal Post Alaska and this post will highlight a quick job we did for a homeowner that is going to extend their existing deck out a bit further. We installed 6 P1 posts that are more than suitable to support a deck of this type. The installation process for this job took just about 3 hours for layout, installation and welding of the extensions.

TMP Alaska was perfectly suited to access this job as it was surrounded by a fence and we wanted to set the first row of posts as close to the existing deck as possible. The fence would have needed to be taken down to accommodate larger equipment for mini piles or sono tubes.

Since this house is located by a creek and has disturbed soils near the foundation (from the original construction) we encountered very little resistance for a few of our posts. After welding on the extensions we were able to install the posts deeper into better soils. It only took a few extra feet to get into much better soils, we went from 300# of resistance to over 1200# in just a few feet.

Here is a shot of one of the finished posts installed. Notice that there is essentially no disturbance to the area around the post.

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