Where our installation equipment can allow us to go!!!

Many of us live in beautiful and unspoiled settings and some of us have a short walk into our properties to get to our houses.  Adding a deck or addition also comes at the cost of some severe impact with digging and getting equipment in.  That scarring can last for many years – Techno Metal Post Alaska has the solution with our low impact installation equipment.

Today we started a foundation for an addition to a cabin here in Homer, AK.  Last spring the owner started to haul in material to set the addition on sono-tubes; but he was going to have to hand dig them since he could not easily get a piece of equipment back to his house.  The main problem was a small bridge that he would have to cross.

Well this morning the rain finally stopped and we drove our machine down the 1 mile trail to his house.  As you can see, the trail is small and we had no problems getting to the job site with zero impact.  It took just under 45 minutes to go from trailer to the the job site.

Here is the small bridge we had to cross.  Our machine at 1500# was no problem for this small bridge

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  1. Sandor Brown says:

    Hi have a yurt project and need some piers, location is in bear valley so please get me on the list and an time estimate pls

    Access should be no problem based on what I have seen on the site


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