Our first job is complete!!

Before our machine and equipment arrived we had pre-sold several jobs.  This one in Anchorage was for a simple low deck in the back yard of this house for Alaskan Sons Construction of Wasilla.

Due to our frost, we have to get our deck footings 5 feet below the surface, even for very low decks.  Normally this would require larger equipment to either excavate for sono tubes or install mini piles.  At this particular property, the yard was surrounded by a fence and the gate was only 4′ wide.  To use  the larger equipment, the fence would have to be assembled and reassembled to provide access.

Not for Techno Metal Post Alaska however!!!!  We were able to navigate our machine through the gate (with room to spare) and we had completed the entire installation in about the time it would have taken to disassemble the fence.

Take a look at the video below showing the complete installation of the second post, it took just over 6 minutes to get it installed.

For this job we installed 3 P1 posts for a deck that will sit approximately 12″ off the ground.  We had great soil and the onsite engineering told us that these posts could support about 4X the weight we were designing for.  These posts will never settle or heave due to frost.

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